Farewell Messages to Boyfriend

Bidding someone farewell or saying goodbye is done through the exchange of messages.

Farewell messages to boyfriend are such messages that are sent by a girl to her boyfriend at the time of breakup of their relationship.

Such messages are written emotionally or with an angry mood to greet farewell to a boyfriend.

Sample Farewell Messages to Boyfriend

  • Oh boy! I tried to nest in your arms. Coz I thought your hugs and kisses would give me the sense of comfort. But you held me so tight that I forgot to fly. Staying with you seems like an exile nowadays. So I have already made my mind to go miles apart from you.
  • It will perhaps be an offence to blame you for anything. But want to remind you that nobody can love you more than me and perhaps nobody can hurt me more than you. Bye forever!
  • Let my emotions lie down and rest in peace in the coffin from today onwards. Cause you do not value my love anymore. Good Bye.
  • You are busy in exercising your flirty skills and impress other ladies. So I have decided to stop annoying you and set you free. You are a free bird now my darling ‘X’.
  • This is the time to hug you for the last time. I will treasure all our sweet memories in the deepest down of my heart.
  • I know it is difficult for us to stay away from each other but there is no other option now. Wishing you all the very best for your future. Good bye
  • [blockquote]Dear boyfriend, you have not left anything behind but have taken a part of me with you. I just want to request you to keep it with you by your side. I will miss each and every moment spent with you. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • It is good that you are bidding farewell to me because you can’t see me in pain. At least I have got a reason to shed my last tear and smile once again. I loved you a lot but now I don’t. It is time for you to go. Goodbye forever.
  • You are leaving your girl alone and saying good bye. Did you ever think of letting me know how to live without you and not in a shy?
  • [blockquote]I wish I could have not met a boyfriend like you who will say I hate you. I am happy that you are going; at least I can see myself smiling. Goodbye![/blockquote]

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