Farewell Messages to Principal

Farewell messages to principal are meant for that individual who carries the success and progress of his institution on his shoulders.

He is given the great responsibility and his dedication and sincerity is quite indispensable to the smooth functioning of the institution.

Farewell messages to principal should thus enumerate these qualities of the individual.

Sample Farewell Messages to Principal

  • [blockquote]Respected ma’am, you have been a great source of inspiration and motivation for the entire batch of students, staff members and teaching staff of this school. [/blockquote] With your leadership qualities, you have always guided the students towards the glowing light. On your farewell, we wish to pay our sincerest gratitude to you for 10 years of services as principal. We all will miss you.
  • Dear Sir, not just a principal, you have always helped all of us like our parents. It was so nice to study and excel in academics under your supervision and guidance. Since you are bidding farewell to this institution, please know that you will be missed.
  • A principal like you is surely an asset to a school. On your farewell, we are sure that we cannot get a replacement for you. You will be remembered for your guidance, leadership approach, and friendly behaviour. Sir, on your farewell, we wish you all the best. We will miss you.
  • [blockquote]Since you are leaving this institute and heading forward for another place, we wish you all the best for shaping the lives of other students. You have always helped and supported us a lot in our career. You have been the best principal. Good bye and your legacy will be remembered.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Respected sir, you have been an inspiration to all the thousands of students who have passed through the hallowed portals of this august institution. Your farewell marks a watershed moment and you will be deeply missed.[/blockquote]
  • As a principal you have excelled in your work. But you mean so much more to us, Sir. You are a father figure, deeply respected and loved by all of us. We wish you all the very best for your life ahead as the institution you will go to is truly blessed.
  • Dear Sir, you have been so much more for us than just a principal. Though you have instilled a sense of discipline in us, you will be chiefly remembered for making us realize that we are individuals whose voice deserves to be heard. At this moment of your farewell, we will truly miss you. May God bless you, Sir.
  • Respected Madam, you have been a force to reckon with in this college. Now that you are leaving us, we hope that you continue your good work by shaping the growth and progress of another deserving institution. We will miss you. May God bless you.

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