Farewell Party Messages

Farewell party messages must convey a sense of warmth and good wishes for the person departing from office, or retiring from work. Farewell parties all also commonly organized by schools and colleges for outgoing batches. They must be framed carefully and they can really ease one’s leave.

Sample Farewell Party Messages

  • [blockquote]As Mr. Andrew Paul is bidding us adieu and thus we are sending the farewell party invitation message to you. We look forward to have you at the farewell celebrations, let us make it a moment to remember with everyone’s presence.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]I wish to thank each member of ABC Company for their kindness and love. It was so good of you to give such a farewell party to me. I will remember each one of you in the moments of happiness and glee. I wish you all the best and I promise to forever stay in contact.[/blockquote]
  • We are sending you a warm invitation for the farewell party of Mr. George Harry, Sales Manager of ABC Company. We request you to kindly join us over dinner and drinks and pay your gratitude to him for his years of services. We look forward to have you at the farewell party to mark the last moments with Mr. George.
  • We are hosting a farewell party for bidding a cheerful adieu to Mr. Jackson. You all are requested to donate $20 as the part of the contributions for the farewell gift. Kindly mark your presence and bid a final adieu to him.
  • Hey, I wish you all success and best wishes in life. I know you have the caliber of succeeding wherever you work and your new office will benefit from your experience and hard work. All the best.
  • Your farewell party is both an occasion to cheer and a sad event, we are sorry to lose such a talented employer as you. You have been an asset to our firm and we wish you all the best when you go to your new destination.
  • Dear Robin, this farewell party and its celebrations also mark a moment of sorrow for us all as you shall bid us farewell and move into your new life. We hope you will remember us always and we, too, will cherish all the moments spent with you.
  • A farewell party is the best way of saying thank you to a wonderful employer and an even better friend. We hope you shall meet with success wherever you go and we will treasure every moment spent with you.
  • Your farewell party and the cheer with which it has been conducted is a testimony to your popularity and the regard with which you are held in this office. We wish you all the best for a happy retired life.

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