Farewell Sad Messages

Farewell moment is a moment of sadness for the leftover people. At such a time farewell sad messages are sent to a person who is leaving or departing.

These messages are written with a sad accent to say goodbye to someone and to tell him or her that he would be forever missed. The messages are sent in a polite and a sad manner.

Sample Farewell Sad Messages

  • [blockquote]I wish if I could really stop you on your farewell. But I prefer not to do so because it will make your life more happening and settled. I just want to tell you that every moment spent with you were a magical one and being with you was a great fun. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]On your farewell, if I could ask one thing from you, I would ask you to stay. I will pray that you can never be away. Since you have to leave, I want to bid you a farewell in my own way.[/blockquote] Have nice days ahead and please stay in contact.
  • Your farewell is a sure loss to me. I can recall the day when you and I became we. I can only hope that you are leaving so that we may meet again someday, I am bidding you this farewell in a very sad way. Goodbye!

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