Farewell Travel Messages

When someone is off to a trip, he travels to his destination, crossing several miles and passing several hours.

Farewell travel messages are the messages that are sent to a person who is travelling to a particular place, to bid him Farwell. These messages are written to bid adieu to a person who desires to travel somewhere.

Sample Farewell Travel Messages

  • I have always been envious of those NatGeo and Discovery people who get to travel across the globe…I guess from now on I will include your name in that list too…Have a wonderful journey and make new experiences!
  • I was thinking of what to get for you- I think a DSLR and a scrapbook will do just fine. After all you will get to visit so many new and wonderful places…Fill up the pages of the scrapbook with photographs and memories so that I can see the world through your eyes…Farewell and come back soon
  • Today you are leaving us to start a new chapter in your life. May all the places you visit leave you with wonderful memories to bring back home…Goodbye and have a safe journey…
  • Leave all your worries behind and enjoy going backpacking! Have a wonderful journey and come back soon…There’s a lot I am sure you will have to tell us…
  • Your mother must be saying, “Promise to call me everyday;”

Dad must be yelling, “Don’t spend too much of my money;”

Beloved elder sister must be advising, “Eat well and don’t fall sick;”

And brother must be warning, “Don’t get yourself into trouble;”

But all I have to say is, “journey of a lifetime. Have a blast and bring the roof down!”

  • As you are travelling to your own city, I bid you farewell and hope that you would find newer opportunities. May your journey be a successful one and you may find lots of fun.
  • [blockquote]Since you are travelling so far. I must tell you that you are important to me for whatever you are. This is my farewell message to you and I hope that you will miss me too. Goodbye and hoping to stay in contact.[/blockquote]
  • If you are willing to travel far and fast, remember that my farewell wish will forever last. Your presence would be deeply missed all the while and I wish to greet you goodbye with a cheerful smile.
  • [blockquote]You must be travelling to explore some realities. I bid your farewell and wish you good luck for newer opportunities. Have a safe and a happy journey. Goodbye![/blockquote]

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