Funny Farewell Messages to Boss

Farewell messages to Boss are the respectable messages that are sent by a sender to his or her boss on his farewell. These messages when are framed and sent in a funnier and a humorous tone are called as funny farewell messages to boss.

The messages can be sent both in a formal or an informal manner to funnily and causally bid adieu to the boss on his farewell.

Sample Funny Farewell Messages to Boss

  • Respected boss, we are so happy to hear about the news of your farewell from this place. Do you want to know why? It is because we can have endless moments of fun and there would be many exciting days to embrace. Just kidding boss, your presence would be missed in life’s every possible phase. Good bye!
  • Respected boss, since you are moving to a yet another place, we are sure that your new employees and other staff members will hate you as much as you were hated at this work place. This is just a small gesture to cheer you up on your farewell; we wish you all the best for your future endeavors. Goodbye and stay in contact.
  • It is that time of the year when all of us are filled with lots of cheer. Do you know why? It is because the time has come to bid you a happy farewell. Just joking sir, one thing is sure that we are going to miss you a lot. All the best for your future. Good bye!
  • Since you are leaving, one thing that is sure is that I won’t be waking up screaming. Good bye and all the best for your new work place.
  • [blockquote]Dear boss, since you are leaving, I will miss you all though while I will be dreaming. I will make sure that from now on I won’t wake up screaming. Just kidding. Goodbye boss and have a healthy life ahead.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Dear boss, good luck for your newer place of employment. We are sure that your new employees and office mates would hate you as much as we do. We are just trying to cheer you up; we love you as much as nobody can ever do. We will miss you! Have a happy farewell.[/blockquote]
  • Respected boss today is the happiest day at our work place. You want to know why? It is so because you are bidding farewell to this place. On your farewell, we are just trying to cheer you so that we always stay in touch with you. Thanks for being such a great boss to us, we will surely miss you.

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