Funny Farewell Messages to Colleagues

Farewell messages are sent to cheerfully bid goodbye to a person on his or her departure. Such messages are sent to family members, friends, colleagues, co-workers etc on their farewell.

These messages when are framed in a funnier manner to cheer up a colleague on his farewell are called as funny farewell messages to colleagues.

Sample Funny Farewell Messages to Colleagues

  • Since you are bidding us farewell, we all wish that you will now be able to get lots of money and a loving boss this time. We wish that you go now and do not come back to disturb us. Just joking. Wishing you a happy future. Good bye.
  • [blockquote]We are sure that your new boss will hate you as much as you were being hated here. We hope that he will kick you back here with us again. Just kidding, all the best for your news place, give your best. Good bye.[/blockquote]
  • Not in your works, but you have always excelled in spoiling other’s works. We are going to miss your mischievous activities and the cranky jokes. Good luck for your future.
  • [blockquote]We wish to convey our good luck wishes to you for your new place. One thing is sure that your new boss and new colleagues will hate you as much as we hated you. Just kidding, you have always been a source of entertainment for us. All the best for your future.[/blockquote]
  • People at your new place are now in trouble! They will find it really hard working with you. Just joking, our good luck wishes are with you. Happy farewell!
  • [blockquote]Dear colleague, I will dearly miss the cranky jokes that we used to crack all the while. I will really miss all the moments of our laughter and our smile. Goodbye![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]It was your presence that was a source of my entertainment. Being with you was so much fun and I worked with so much excitement. [/blockquote]On your farewell, I can’t stop you from going towards a better place and opportunities so well. Goodbye and we will always stay in contact.
  • On your farewell, I wish that your new boss would hate you so much that he kicks you back here. I am just kidding. Good luck for your newer opportunities.
  • [blockquote]You are really a great competitor and a professional colleague to work with. You surely know how to spoil people. Just joking. Goodbye dear colleague, have a successful career.[/blockquote]

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