Funny Farewell Messages

Why make someone’s farewell an emotional event? To avoid that, it is always better to send farewell messages that make one laugh instead of cry.

But it is not easy to make someone laugh. So we present to you a few rib tickling farewell messages which will manage to make the person going away laugh.

Sample Funny Farewell Messages

  • [blockquote]We are going to miss the moments when you used to do work for us and we used to sit back and relax. This farewell fills our hearts with sadness and we are going to miss the moments of nuisance. Good bye and we look forward to staying in contact.[/blockquote]
  • We hope you get a good boss this time. On this farewell, we just hope that you get a moment to shine. Just kidding, have a happy farewell. Stay blessed and good luck wishes for a prospering future.
  • [blockquote]You are a great buddy! You have taught us the best ways to fool our boss around. We are going to miss you greatly at the times of our fun, gossips and laughter. We wish you a happy farewell, good bye![/blockquote]
  • On your farewell, I have just one wish that May your new boss hates you so much that he pushes you back with us. Do not get serious, I am just kidding. We are going to miss you badly. All the best for your new ventures, keep on rising in your career.
  • On your farewell, we wish you lots of money, loving boss and beautiful colleagues. Just joking, have a great time ahead, stay in contact.
  • When you will go, I shall miss your face when I am dreaming; I just hope I don’t wake up screaming.
  • [blockquote]Now that you are going, we will have a neat and clean premises were we can walk without having to step on books and toothbrushes. But you shall be missed.[/blockquote]
  • I took a long breath when I heard you were going and said to myself ‘Thank God’. But now I realize that I will miss you and your funny jokes the most.
  • [blockquote]I wish you could have stayed back so that we could have continued with all the mischief and completed the plan to kill the landlord. Hehe. Bye bye.[/blockquote]
  • More than wising you good luck, I want to wish you a lot of money. Good bye.
  • Wishing you a bad breath free journey. Have a good life.
  • Hope your next Boss hates you as much as I do and kicks you out the way I have done. Just kidding, best of luck for your future.
  • [blockquote]More than wishing you good luck for your future, I want to wish your next companions good luck. Believe me it was difficult living with you.[/blockquote]

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