Guys’ Sincere Farewell Messages to his Friends

A bond of friendship forged from the grounds of mild vices and  extreme good vibes is the kind of friendship that could last in a lifetime. Guys, although seen as insincere in crafting farewell messages, use humor as way of coping with cheesiness and, truth be told, they are really sincere when it comes to matters which require it. Sincere messages are mostly manifested in farewells. If you are a guy and would like to send a farewell message to someone whom you consider dearest to your heart then here are sample messages to help you out with creating a message that would cast a good warmth in your friend’s heart before you part ways. These messages can be sent via sms or any social media sites, or perhaps written in a card.

  • Hey, homo… eh homie… same thing, we’ve seen things in heaven and hell and I thank God that you were there to witness how I reacted to things and you to them. I don’t mean to be cheesy with you because you know being cheesy doesn’t suit me but a shot of cheesiness won’t scathe my male chauvinism that bad. As time ages further, rest assured that a friendship as unique as ours will linger forever in my heart. No unlikely circumstances would be sharp enough to dissever my loyalty as a friend.


  • (Name of friend), leaving the party so soon? Your ways of enjoying a party is really boring though your personality is ten times more messed up than Troye Sivan’s pubes on his head. Before you go ahead and set your journey to the best of living, my only wish for you is that may your hard work be partnered with the best of luck always.


  • Parting is one of the hellish rides of life so friendship  is the only promise I can keep, whenever or wherever will I be, the memories with you and all the thins we’ve been through will never be forgotten and will always be cared in my heart.


  • Hello, my  everything buddy, the moment you announced  that you will be leaving us too soon I swear to all those who reside in the heavens that my heart snapped. I was thankful for the loud music, though, if it were not for it you’d have heard my heart being crushed into bits. I know that the purpose of your journey to another country is for your future and, as a friend, you have my full support in the chase of your dreams despite the heartbreak it brings.


  • Consider me the luckiest man alive for I have met the person who I consider to be the best one in the whole world. I know that good things come to an end, but a friendship like ours will be immortalized through this letter. Thank you so much for being a friend even though you’ve had a glimpse of my dark side. and for tolerating the silliness that is me. The only thing that I’m jealous now is the future friends that you will be meeting as your new life unfolds. I wish you remember me as clear as crystal despite the threat of time which wishes to erase me in your mind and heart.


  • Before you leave us I would like to tell you how deep you’ve dug your way through our hearts and it really is painful that you will be leaving us very soon. I wish you all the best as you build a path of your own, and if you must stray away from it please don’t stray far enough and  be lost because sometimes we need to be lost for us to find what we truly desire most.

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