Motivational Farewell Messages

Motivational Farewell messages are such messages that are sent on the occasion of farewell of employees/ boss/ students etc.

Such messages congratulate them for their best future in upcoming project or college with a hint of motivation. The touch of motivation in such farewell messages will give you immense self-confidence.

It can be best to be sent in the form of text messages or could also be posted on a social networking site. It can be also written and sent on cards or letters.

Below mentioned are a few messages that can be sent for this purpose. These will give you a fair idea as to how it should sound like.

Sample Motivational Farewell Messages

  • [blockquote]You have done a great job. You had it in you. We knew you would make it big. Well done! Hope you continue the same in the future company and achieve good success![/blockquote]
  • You are the brightest of the bright star, whose sheen illuminates the paths of all. If sometimes, life seems hard, if sometimes, days seem dark, trust me, you can rely on me. I am always there for you. Will miss you when you leave!
  • [blockquote]Harp on the bright start in life. Moments of plight and dismay may bemuse you. But you be strong and never look down. Chase your dreams and make it real. Have a happy time in new office. We will miss you big time![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]There is nothing impossible for the one, who values self belief most high, prepares himself for every challenge and gives every opportunity his best try. So get set and go and let the world know that you do it in the most splendid way, that you will be the winner very soon one day! Enjoy your farewell. We will definitely miss you![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I know you will succeed in the environment of your future college as well. Best wishes from my side and all the best. We will definitely miss you![/blockquote]
  • Where there is a will there is a way! I know you will fight against all the hardships in life. Hope to see you some day. With tears in my eyes, I wish you the best and say good bye!
  • [blockquote]Believe in yourself and have faith in god. May you prosper in every phase of life. I wish you the best for a brilliant future in your future esteemed company. All the very best for a prosperous future![/blockquote]

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