Witty Farewell Messages

Witty farewell messages are written while bidding farewell to any person but at the same time in a mock tone so as to lighten the mood of the situation as a farewell time is usually a nostalgic and sentimental one.

So it requires a great sense of humour to write such witty messages keeping in mind also the very fact that none’s sentiment is hurt.

Sample Witty Farewell Messages

  • [blockquote]I do not remember a day when you kept numb without shouting over any one for perfecting their jobs. Every one used to have grudges on you as you made them work like a machine, but I am surprised at the way people are reacting in bidding you goodbye, as if a member of their family is leaving for abroad forever! God knows what spell you have cast on them as the people who considered you Hitler are worshipping you like Mother Teresa.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]It’s your farewell time and I won’t drop tears for that as I know your success is rest assured anywhere you go. Also I want to part with my best assistant and I mean it literally in a smiling way so that later she does not call me the old witch( the name you whispered whenever you got a scolding from me and thought I could not hear it) gave me some crocodiles tears as my farewell gift! By this effort I just want you to end all grudges for me.[/blockquote]
  • May be I behaved like a dictator more than your boss but trust me you have always been my most efficient court men! So always be like this and work even harder wherever you go.

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