Flirt Love Messages

Flirt love messages must be framed carefully. They are a great way of reigniting the spark in a love relationship or they can be used to convey one’s interest or infatuation to the loved one.

However they must not be offensive or crude. A lot of care must go into flirt love messages so that they are valuable and effective.

Sample Flirt Love Messages

  • [blockquote]Hey darling, I love you with my whole heart and a big fraction of my bank balance. So what say we go for a lavish dinner today to redress the balance?[/blockquote]
  • Hi honey, the magazine you spent so much money buying has an article on the benefits of flirting. How about we read it together and then get down to business?
  • [blockquote]Flirting is an art. Will you be my muse, love?[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Like all great connoisseurs of art, I am a true flirt. I make my plans, proceed with caution, and more often than not succeed beyond imagination the fact that you are my wife speaks volumes of my expertise at flirting, doesn’t it?[/blockquote]
  • Hi honey, do you think you could indulge me in a serious bout of flirting? Let us forget all the stress, all the pressure of being in a mature relationship and go back to our days of unlimited and unadulterated flirting fun we used to have.
  • Dear heart, you know I love you. What you do not know is that I have spent a lot of time brushing up on my flirting skills (for you of course). Do you want to put my skills to the test?

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