Flirt Messages

Flirt messages are sent to loved ones, or, in some cases, to strangers one is interested in. These messages must be kept within limits as flirt message can become offensive if laden with innuendoes.

Flirt messages must be kept within bounds and only then are they interesting conversation starters. They can be used effectively to break the ice between strangers.

Some considerations that can be kept in mind while composing flirty messages are as follows:

  • [blockquote]Flirt messages must be framed according to the recipient and the occasion. With one’s girlfriend or wife, flirty messages can take liberties that one would not normally be taken with strangers.[/blockquote]
  • They should not sound clichéd or too ornate. Flirty messages must be light witty. They can be a great ay of familiarizing oneself with others. They should not be cheesy or gross.
  • Flirty messages must be witty or cute depending upon the recipient. They must not be too obscure or too crude.

Flirt messages do not always stand for over familiarity, they can be a great way to meet with someone and get conversations going. They can be sued to convey our heart’s desire. They are warm and sincere, and if written properly, they are truly amazing.



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