Flirty Birthday Messages For Her

Flirty birthday messages for her are the message that a sender sends to a female reader on her birthday, to flirt around with her at the same time.

These messages are sent to greet a female with a happy birthday wish and flirt with her along. The tone of these messages can be funny, usual and humorous.

Sample Flirty Birthday Messages For Her

  • [blockquote]Happy birthday to a girl who is known for her sweetest voice, curvy figure and those sharp curls. Enjoy you day in a perfect way and I must say Happy Birthday![/blockquote]
  • On your birthday, I wish that GOD must lighten your way. I wish to beautify your day. You are not just a girl sent from the above but my one true love. Happy birthday!
  • [blockquote]On your birthday, I am sending you this kisses and hugs on your way. You are a true angel on this earth and I deeply cherish that you took a birth. Happy Birthday to you and I love that way that you are so charming and true.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Happy Birthday girl! I am looking forward to have lots of love. From head to the toe, I wish to surprise you with a special show. Happy Birthday and birthday greetings on your way. [/blockquote]

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