Flirty Birthday Messages

Flirty birthday messages are those messages which are written to a person on his/her birthday by a person of the opposite gender to send across signals of love or admiration.

These messages are written in order to woo the reader and let him/her know about the intentions of the sender. Any such message must be self written with true creativity and must not be copied or stale.

Sample Flirty Birthday Messages

  • You never believed that I adored you so much in the college; if you did this birthday would have been celebrated on a cruise with just you and me! Happy birthday anyways!
  • How much you love your husband, you just cannot deny I was the best choice for you beautiful! Many many happy returns on your special day!
  • I bet if you would have been with me, the birthday gift would have been nothing but a solitaire diamond and today it’s merely bouquets and cards! Whatsoever, a small token of love from me! Happy birthday pretty girl!
  • Yes I was fatally attracted towards you in college days; but since you did not respond I got a better choice implemented! Happy birthday to the most dashing guy I know!
  • Now again don’t kill more girls with that smile. It’s already been terribly infectious to many as they lost their hearts for you! May your coming days be filled with more such smiles, happiness and laughter. Happy birthday!
  • As you grow one more year, I eagerly wait for you to turn 16 when you can take me and run away from home. Please grant me your love. Happy birthday wishes for you!
  • Life would be so beautiful if we would be together; but alas your wife got the first chance! Many best wishes on your birthday my friend!
  • Birthday is a happy occasion and I hope you glow more than your glow all other days. Happy birthday.
  • [blockquote]It is difficult to find a birthday gift that is more beautiful than you. Anything I gift you shall be overpowered by your own beauty. So I am writing this message to wish you a happy birthday.[/blockquote]
  • Happy birthday to the most charming boy ever. Just to let you know that you make my heart race.
  • [blockquote]Birthdays are happy days in each person’s life. For me your birthday is even more special than my own. Happy birthday.[/blockquote]
  • Here’s wishing a great birthday to a girl who makes me go crazy each time she looks at me. Enjoy your day.

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