Flirty Email Messages

Flirty email messages are the messages which are written through email and are sent to a person to express feelings of liking and love in a flirty manner.

These messages are used to attract the reader towards the sender and to woo him/her in a friendly and healthy way. Any flirty email message must be self written so that it can create the best impact over the reader.

Given below are a few samples of flirty email messages.

Sample Flirty Email Messages

  • Oh I feel I am having a heart attack right now as you have stolen my heart. Please come and save me from dying.
  • [blockquote]I think today is the last day of my life and don’t want to die without kissing you. So please meet me in the evening without fail.[/blockquote]
  • How I wish that I was the pillow lying under your head right now and could get to be so close to you.
  • How do you manage to become more beautiful each day and make me keep thinking about you all the time.
  • I am literally drooling by looking at your pictures online. You are so pretty that I feel like looking at your pictures all the time.
  • I keep thinking about your lovely eyes, lips and hair all the time.
  • There is a small secret that I wanted to share with you since long, it is just that you are way too beautiful for me to resist imagining about you all the time.
  • You are there right in front of me every second when I close or open my eyes.
  • I think I need to approach the police for the torture you are causing me by getting into my thoughts, my dreams all the time.
  • [blockquote]Dear beautiful lady, please tell me the cure to a heart condition which is caused due to the effect of your beauty, long hair and sweet smile.[/blockquote]
  • I can’t help looking at you and your pictures when you are not around. What have you done to me?
  • I feel lucky to have seen you in life. Anybody who hasn’t come across you is surely quite unlucky.
  • [blockquote]When you look in my direction, I go weak on the knees and my heart beat races to the maximum speed. You have made me crazy.[/blockquote]
  • People like you spread their smiles in the air in such a way that other people can’t help but look in your direction.

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