Flirty Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Flirty messages for ex-boyfriend are messages send by a girl to his ex-boyfriend. These messages are sent by the girl to show that she is not at all happy with their decision of breaking apart and want to re-unite again. This is simple yet naughty way of describing your love and re-collecting all the memories of past.

Sample Flirty messages to ex-boyfriend

  • Even today I haven’t changed the ringtone of my phone in the hope of getting your calls all over again! I miss you! Please come back!
  • I went to the police station to file a missing person report of the love of my life. The police man asked where he was last seen. I said he was last seen reading my message and smiling. I love you!
  • Your hugs and kisses made my world go crazy. I simply can’t forget the sensation of your touch! Agree or not we are inseparable, so why apart?
  • The coffee at cafe is not sweet anymore! The drives in the car are not exciting any more. Shopping in mall is not fun anymore. Without you, Life is not worth living anymore! I am out of clothes now, come back and let’s go shopping! I really miss you!
  • My friends told me that whatever happens happens for good! I realised that they were right only after we separated; I came to know that I can’t simply live without you!
  • The warmth of your breath is still felt on my face! The touch of your hand still tickled me away! The love of your kiss is all I have! Come back dear, without you the life seem so sad! I really love you; I am sorry please come back!
  • I watched the latest version of a super-hero movie! Every girl was impressed by the character except me! You know why? Cause I had met a real life super-hero in my life and hence don’t believe on characters! Come back my hero!
  • I was watching the cricket game yesterday, though the match was interesting, I got bored! I switch on to wrestling I still got bored! I tried watching a movie, I still got bored! Then I realised that the reason for it is my hand that doesn’t have another hand to struggle with, in the popcorn bowl! Life is so not right without you!
  • I am a strong girl now! You know why? Because I don’t have you to keep my head on your shoulder and then hug you and cry! I miss all the adorable love you gave me! Please come back!

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