Flirty Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

Flirty messages for ex-girlfriend are messages send by a boy to his ex-girlfriend, with whom he was in a relationship once. These messages are rather a naughty and humor filled way of lightening up the old memories of a relationship and ignite the flame of love all over again.

Such text messages act as a lighter way of forgetting all the misunderstanding that resulted in breaking up of the relationship and re-starting the relationship with a new and different approach.

Sample Flirty Messages to Ex-Girlfriend

  • After we separated, I have tried pushing my mind and heart towards other girls to forget you. But from all the girls in the world it’s only you and the love in your eyes that my heart beats for. I still love you please come back!
  • I tried forgetting your eyes, but the pearls made me remind them. I tried forgetting your hugs, but my teddy bear made me remind them. I tried forgetting your kisses but the breeze made me remind them. I tried forgetting your tears for me but the rain made me remind them. I just can’t stop loving you! Please come back!
  • Let’s get together again; people are missing the view of the bike rides of the most romantic and perfect couple of the city. I miss you!
  • No movie seems interesting without your kisses in place of the popcorn in them! Let’s go for a movie again?
  • Rain is mere falling of water from the sky without you! Let’s not waste it! I again want to hold your hand and walk in the rain to feel the magic all over again!
  • I always use to shout on you that you never let me watch cricket matches peacefully! Tell you truly, without your head on my shoulder, and your silly questions even the won matches are vain! I love you!
  • Even the hot rays of the sun can’t turn me red the way you did it with your touch! Though I blush, but I loved it! Really want to feel the magic again! Please come back, I still Love you!
  • I was foolish to leave you! Caste your love spells again! Hypnotise me with your beautiful eyes! Handcuff me with your love bonds! Chain me in your arms and this time forever! Never let me go! I love you!
  • Roses are red and the sea is blue. Handsome is me and hot is you!
  • I am the one who is perfect for you! Just want to say that I love you

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