Flirty Messages To Girlfriend

If you have met with a lady who had caught your fancy or you want to feel the early jitters of your love life again then flirty messages could be a way through which you can start with.  Flirty messages to girlfriend are way through which you can express your interest or fondness for someone.

While drafting such messages one must be cautious enough not to use any offensive word unknowingly that it might hurt the recipient. However, it should best reflect your willingness for dating or spending time with someone.

Sample Flirty Messages To Girlfriend

  • I sometimes feel how much lucky your mirror could be that every-time you look into it, it also get a chance to look back to you. I wish to be your mirror in next birth.
  • You look so beautiful, pretty and glowing under the sun that I can’t stop myself from getting tanned.
  • Last day, while I was passing Mac Donalds your thought crossed my mind. I was wondering if you were in their list of burgers what they would have named you. Mac Gorgeous!!!
  • Congratulations!!! You are suddenly voted as the ‘most beautiful girl’ of your college/school/university. And the grand prize you would be getting is to date me.
  • Do you know you are so sweet girlfriend of mine that last day while was passing the backstreet candy store, they have asked me for your poster in their shop.
  • People often say that a single picture could speak thousand words. However, while I was looking at your pictures today in Facebook I just found one single word from every picture of yours. That is Wow!!
  • I wonder if your feet are hurting you these days. This is because I keep on thinking about you throughout the day and every moment.
  • I would like to go to some sacred place for thanking god for making such magic. The magic lead me to cross my paths with wonderful girlfriend like you.
  • I wish there was a switch on my forehead then at least I could have got some-time off from your thoughts.
  • I wish you were my homework then I would have done it with all my dedication and effort.
  • I feel like my eyes have turned into a camera now because I have so clearly captured your image in it from the last time we met.

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