Flirty Messages to Your Boyfriend

Flirty messages to your boyfriend are a perfect blend of naughty feelings along with love gestures. These are sent by a girlfriend to her boyfriend or partner. These messages are though sent in a naughty and playful mood but carries hidden love feelings behind. Such messages helps in turning the relationship among the couple exciting and gradually results in everlasting memories.

Sample Flirty Messages to Your Boyfriend

  • I asked the mirror that I am the most beautiful girl in the city. The mirror replied that look at yourself with your boyfriend’s eyes and you will know that you are the most beautiful girl in the world.
  • I am not able to find my phone! I have searched for it everywhere. Could you please call on my number so that I can find it?
  • My friends called me up to ask weather I want them to pick me up in their car to the movie as it is raining? I said, I will rather choose to ride a bike with the most handsome guy and reach the theatres all wet! I am waiting, come soon!
  • I miss you like dessert misses the rain and a passenger misses the delayed train.
  • My teddy bear told me that he got tired of hugging me and making me sleep at nights since my childhood. Will you be my teddy bear for the rest of my life?
  • Roses are red and the sky is blue.
  • Just like the morning flowers with dew, you are made for me and I am perfect for you!
  • My doctor said that I am going to die of heart ache soon and the only person who can save me with his hug is reading this text and smiling. Come and save me! Your hug is urgently required!
  • Police came at my home today to warn me that if I didn’t stopped thinking about you they will arrest me for kidnapping you in my heart.
  • Can you lift me in your arms? I am not too sure that you work enough in the gym or not? I am actually worried about your fitness!
  • Can you please wear goggles/ shades when you meet me tomorrow? Cause I will definitely fall in love with you if I kept looking into your eyes anymore!
  • I have hired a private detective to spy on you! He needs to find out that how can somebody be so attractive to take my heart away in just first sight!

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