Flirty Naughty Text Messages

Flirty messages are generally mixed with the feelings of love and pinch of notorious and humorous words. Such messages that are sent as the text messages though mobile phones, text messages through cards, etc are called as flirty naughty text messages.

These messages are written in a notorious manner to flirt with the person.

Sample Flirty Naught Text Messages

  • Today, tomorrow and forever, I am sure that we will spend these magical moments together.
  • If you feel alone this Holi, come to me and pour a bucket full of water. I won’t mind baby!
  • [blockquote]I am sure that you are not a “mother” and I am sure too that I am not a “father”. Why not help each other and mingle together![/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]I know your fondness for the maths subject. Can you apply some basic formulas with me? Add me in your life, subtract that shy feeling, divide with me and finally multiply.[/blockquote]
  • Can you do me a favour and let me know the time. Oh! Not the time by your watch, I wanted to know the time when you can come and meet me personally.
  •  Are you comfortable with this distant text flirting? I don’t mind coming close to you!

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