Flirty Status Messages

Flirt status messages depicts that a person who is updating his status on any of the networking sites or a networking engine is in a mood to flirt.

Such messages are used to flirt around joyously with people who can view the current status that is being updated.

Sample Flirt Status Messages

  • Every morning I open up my account with a smile. Because I am sure that I will get a glimpse to see a picture of you.
  • [blockquote]I am not drunk; I just got intoxicated while seeing your recent picture that you uploaded.[/blockquote]
  • Can anybody lend me sunscreen? I am getting burnt seeing my girlfriend chatting with other guys.
  • [blockquote]It was a great opportunity to add you in my list. Can I get a better one to have your number in my inbox?[/blockquote]
  • Giving up in case of you was always an option in my list, but never a preferred choice.
  • Are you ready to give me your number or do I have to stalk you more?
  • [blockquote]I just can’t to wait to view my profile tomorrow. Because you are tuning more and more beautiful every day.[/blockquote]
  • Would any one smile for me, because I had an awful day today?

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