Flirty Text Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Not all relationships in life work out perfectly. Sometimes in a relationship both the parties agree with one another and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the disagreements out numbers the agreements and we decide to call a quit. However, at times we realize that life was perhaps far better and meaningful with the person around us.

That is when we decide to re-evaluate our relationships and send flirty messages to break the ice without that awkwardness. Flirty text messages for ex-boyfriend are thus those messages that are sent by a girlfriend to her ex- boyfriend and have a flirty tone to them. Some samples of these messages for references are given below.

Sample Flirty Text Messages for Ex-Boyfriend:

  • How many times have I told you that a gentleman does not drool? Have patience and you will see me again soon!
  • Hey prince who are you busy charming now? Nobody? I can volunteer if you want to practice!
  • The other day when I was at my lab I realized suddenly that the only chemistry that I ever understood was ours. Want to stir it up?
  • I would like to know how it feels like to kiss people, but I need someone to volunteer to set a level. Are you up for it?
  • You and I are perfect to create a fizz like champagne in a flute even without an occasion. How about at the club (location) this evening?
  • Urgently required ‘ex-boyfriend assistance’ for a drink after work. Interested candidate can leave an e-mail at (email id),  message or call at this number (phone number).
  • I am out shopping and currently standing in front of a men’s fashion house tempted beyond imagination to buy something for you. Would you take it? Was that a yes? Alright see you this (… at (location).
  • You know as well as I do that neither of us meant when we said ‘That’s it I am done’, because we still have places we have not been together like we agreed. How about we go to Italy this summer?
  • Excellent opportunity to be a Good Samaritan and spread peace and goodwill to mankind this Christmas. Come help me decorate my Christmas tree!
  • My neighborhood has become too quite. Want to come over to join and help me in making some noise through community activity this Sunday?

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