Flirty Text Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

Sometimes when a relationship does not work, we tend to cut all ties with the other person until we realize that perhaps it was not the wisest thing to do. After all the time spend together was not worth forgetting, then why should we forget the person. In times like this, renewing communicationor even the idea of communicating looks like an ordeal for us. We mean to do everything positive, but the apprehension and awkwardness pulls us back.

To break the ice and communicate openly in such a situation is something we all would like to do and for this flirty messages can be sent. Thus flirty text messages for ex-girlfriend are those messages that are sent by a boyfriend to his ex-girlfriend and have a flirty tone to them.

Sample Flirty Text Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

  • Are you locked up in a tower and need rescuing? Text me the location and the address and I will be there right away.
  • Perhaps it is time to stop kissing frogs in the hopes of turning them into Prince Charming and meet some real men. I can escort you around if you want!
  • I have been reading fairy tales and not one was good enough for me. After all, who would want to have the love of their life suffer such moments of torture and fright right before a ‘Happily Ever After’?  I can think of a hundred different charming ways to ease into it. Want to give it a try?
  • (Pet/Stuff toy’s name) has been missing you badly. Why don’t you come and pay us a short visit this (day of the week)? I promise I will not cook.
  • I have two tickets to the (name of a concert) and I have been told from a very reliable source that you love the (name of a band). Want to join me?
  • I have tried to fit others in the overall that you left behind. It is a unique size and needs to be adorned. Why don’t you try it on once more?
  • I can no longer afford to pay the bills to light up my soul and it is on the verge of plunging into eternal darkness. Would you mind illuminating it with the brightness of your eyes once again?
  • It was rather convenient to be living in one another’s neck as pain, at least you did not have to pay rent. Want to renew the contract?

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