Friendship Flirty Messages

Exchanging flirty messages with friends can in fact make friendship interesting. Friendship flirty messages are such messages that are sent among friends in a casual way, which might portray an expression of extreme love towards them.

These messages are humorous and will definitely bring a smile on the face of the reader. It would be the best if you could send such messages in the form of text messages.

Below mentioned are a few examples of such messages that would help you to express such feelings towards your friends.

Sample Friendship Flirty Messages

  • [blockquote]Hey my dear, you are my dearest friend and I know I have the right to love you forever. If you say yes, I promise to stay with you forever. I love you and will always love you![/blockquote]
  • As we are friends since such a long time, can I get a chance to extend our relationship? Can you please give me a chance to be your spouse?
  • [blockquote]I am very happy that we have been in friendship for such a long time. I believe, I now have the opportunity to make you my wife! In our love days, I will greet you with lots of surprises.[/blockquote] Just promise me that you will forever be this nice. I love you and I feel so happy to know that you love me too!
  • [blockquote]Hey my dear friend! Just want to take some time and tell you that I have started to love you and want you to be my wife. Are you willing to spend your entire life with me?[/blockquote]
  • Partying, partying, partying.. That’s all we have done for so long in our friendship. Can we take this a little further and spend our lives together? Awaiting your response my dearest and nearest friend!
  • [blockquote]Our friendship is a very memorable thing and it has been highly appreciable by others. Can we make them still happy by extending the relationship a little further? Yes my dear! Would you mind being my spouse? I promise I will support you in every walk of life and be a loyal husband, just like a loyal friend these days.[/blockquote]
  • You are my dearest friend and the prettiest lady. I just to let you know how much I love you. Can you please give me a chance for it?
  • Let’s give a promotion to our friendship and become life partners. I love you my dear friend. Will you be mine forever?

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