Funny Flirt SMS Messages

Funny Flirt SMS messages are naughty and mischievous words sent to the loved ones through SMS.  These messages are hilarious but still carry the strong emotion of love and attachment. These messages can bring a smile on the face of your loved ones and they are also helpful in cheering up your angry partner.

The tone of these messages is casual but they are loaded with love. Funny Flirt messages could be sent to the girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. The essential thing is to pick up the most appropriate word to communicate the feelings of the heart.

Sample Funny Flirt SMS messages

  • It is hard to differentiate between the words finished and completed. But if you get a perfect life partner then your life is complete but if the life throws a wrong partner on you then you are finished. If your partner catches you with someone else then you are completely finished but if you find your partner with someone else then you are finished completely. So be careful in the journey of love.
  • Love is blind love is crazy; I realized all that after I fell in Love with you. Love you Sweetheart.
  • Before you fall in love with someone you live life king size and believe that you are the lion of the jungle but as soon as you give yourself in commitments, your life is domesticated and you immediately turn into a scared cat from the wild lion. I still admire this domestic life as I have found the most beautiful and charming ring master.
  • When you smile you accentuate things but when you get angry you aggravate things. When you love my life feels complete but when you get angry I feel devastated. You look lovely when you are happy so stay blessed and happy!!
  • I love you are the three letter word that changed my life forever. Now it is up to you to decide that the change is in which direction.
  • Love filled cuddles could convert into anger filled arguments when you let yourself loose in some ones love blindly. But at this juncture of life I am admiring this blindness. Love you Boy!!
  • I love you and you love me is that enough to fill our tummy. Let’s plan for a dinner tonight so that our love feels more enjoyable with the company of delicious food. Love you Girl see you tonight!

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