Geeky Flirt Messages for Your Geeky Girl

Just because you are already in a relationship it does not mean that you no longer need to charm your girlfriend. There is still a need for you to be cheesy for you to keep her for as long as you wish to, especially if you think she is the one you want to enjoy with the rest of you breath. If you are lucky enough to hold the heart of a geek girlfriend then you might want to give her these geeky flirt messages to see her blush to overlap the blush-on on her cheeks.

This article can serve you a lot of benefits once you scroll down for the best sample flirt message that best fits the taste of your girlfriend. If you wish to compose one of your own then it is important you know what movie series or game she has dedicated her life into. This message greatly assures you that it is not only the pleasures of flesh that strengthens the relationship. These messages can be written in a sticky note, or be sent in a text message or in the various social media sites.

  •  Gandalf the grey and the Hobbits are in the search for this ring that rules them all. I care not a bit for this ring that they are in arduous seeking of, for I have in my possession the fairest of maidens who rules my heart.


  • Towers and Barracks are never enough to protect the sacred grounds which shrines your heart. With all my will I will serve as a sole volunteer to be the superhero even if it defies the wills of the gods above and pleases the darkness who lingers below.


  • It has been said that Merlin is the most sagacious of the sorcerers and has the almighty skill to solve no matter the degree of enigma the puzzle is. I dare him to solve this puzzling feeling that I have for you for I know fully well even the gods will run out of wits before this can be analyzed.


  • In the Star Wars movie it has been said that the force of Luke’s sword is strong, with my most humble supposition I think if my heart were shake with his sword it will be a tale worth being told that a light saber breaks before my heart which is empowered solely by you.


  • I had read all the Harry Potter books and had watched all the movies I never believe in any of those spells though I adore the world created by J.K. Rowling. It is with utter folly to assume that, although you are without a wand, you have stupefied me simply with your gorgeousness. Let everything be fair and allow me to cast an alohamora in that locked heart of yours, darling.


  • Wards are always used to check if an invasion within my sacred grounds has happened. I had all the observer and sentry wards filled in me and have never failed to keep everyone away from me but you. You came into my life without being noticed, although my heart has perceived the coming of a foreign existence. I have realized just recently that it is only the heart that sees what sight is blinded.


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