How to Flirt with Your Colleague at Work

How to flirt with your colleague at work is a question that a lot of people have been asking themselves. People spend a lot of time at work, so it is no wonder that they find people that they like.

How to Flirt with Your Colleague at Work

Corporate policy

Before you even start thinking about flirting, you should find out about the policy that your company has regarding flirting and dating. This might be important in case you are subordinate to one another.

A relationship

When flirting with a colleague at work you have to know whether you want something long-term or short-term. You also have to think about how you will handle the situation when he or she becomes your ex.

Be professional

Even if you flirt with colleagues, you have to be professional about it. Avoid displaying emotions at work and be cautious about what you write in mails because you may accidentally hit the ‘reply to all’ button.


In order to flirt with your colleague at work, it is a good idea to smile at him or her and to maintain eye contact. This is a method that you can use even when you are in the office and most probably the people around you won’t even notice.

Common topics

It is best to find something that you both like and talk about it. It is good to know about more common topics and chose the ones that you can bring up several times, like music or sports.

Sense of humor

To flirt with working colleagues you will have to be funny and a bit of teasing doesn’t hurt either, but make sure that there will be no harmed feelings. You could be laughing over a spoilt drink or you can tell a funny story.


There is no company policy that may stop you from complementing your colleague even if this leads to work colleague flirting. You can complement her or his hair, jewelry, clothing or a presentation that you saw. This will make the other person feel better about themselves.

Play it safe

Although you might think you know how to flirt with your colleague at work, if you aren’t sure that it is safe, it is best to set up a meeting outside the office.

Also, if you ask him or her and they say no, you should give it a rest. If you push it, things could become uncomfortable for the both of you.

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