How to Flirt with Your Wife

How to flirt with your wife can change the whole perspective over your married life. In spite of couples trying to keep the flame alive, all marriages end up in routine one way or the other.

When years go by and you simply forget the little gestures you used to do for your wife you should really explore the options of flirting to bring back that special feel all relationships need.

A Different Kind of Morning Kiss

A Different Kind of Morning Kiss

If you are used to give your wife a kiss when you wake up in the morning or before you leave for work, consider spicing it up with an extra gesture.

Hold her close and try increasing the intensity of the kiss. Don’t worry if the kids are watching, because you are doing nothing wrong.

The Power of the Wink

The Power of the Wink

Do you remember how you used to wink at her as a promise for some quality time spent together? Consider doing it again as a method of flirting. It will give an air of complicity to your relationship that your wife will surely enjoy.

Send Her a Sexy Email

Send Her a Sexy Email

If she is a computer geek or simply likes to spend a lot of time on social networks, send her a sexy message via email or Facebook messaging.

Challenge Her to Visualize

Be creative and help her imagine sexy things you would like to do to her. A bit of creativity in this department will help give your marital sex a boost.

Touch Her Secretively

Touch Her Secretively

A special touch on the hand, taking her by the waist, rubbing her finger or blowing softly on her neck are examples of secret touches you can depend on when flirting with your wife. She will most likely respond in a very pleasant way.

Date Night

Most couples take the date night out of the equation of their marriage .It is very easy to bring it back for the sake of improving things by flirting with your wife.

Arrange for somebody to babysit the kids( if you have any) and take her out. It does not have to be something extremely fancy if you cannot afford it.

You can always go back to the place you guys met, go for a walk or see a movie. Holding hands and being just the two of you is the best way to flirt in a marriage.

Just Tell Her

Saying things like “I can’t wait for tonight to come”, or “Oh, how I missed you…” will make her feel special. Say the things you used to say before you got married and keep in mind you are never too old and it is never too late to learn how to flirt with your wife.

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