I-Want-You-Back Messages to the One that Got Away

A brokenhearted friend bids goodbye to the love they thought was gonna last. Does this ring a bell? Does your heart still break at the mention of awful goodbyes? Have you been a ball of mess who could never get over the failed relationship?

Relax. It is natural to be hung up on a past relationship. Those long-gone sweet moments can really sting when it looks like everyone else is in love and, well, you’re all by yourself. If you are desperate to relive the past then you need to do something to contact your ex. If you do, be sincere about it. You may even do it in a hilarious way since everyone living in the 21st century is really fond of an ice breaker worthy of applause.

Here are some examples of messages to help you:

  • So I have recently finished a fairy tale book where the guy and the girl broke up, but eventually they both decided to just love each other again and poof! the story ended with a happy ever after. If you feel like wanting to celebrate a happy ever after, you need only say hey.
  • I don’t know if you’ve heard about this trivia but I was told that it may take a second kiss to wake the sleeping beauty up.
  • Call it an awful day ’cause it really is, my mom refused to take the ticket I bought her for (ex lover’s favorite band)’s concert and here I am with two tickets. Let’s not waste some money and go to the concert with me.
  • Have you ever wondered if heart breakers can also fix what has been broken? Allow me to show you that possibility.
  • When you walked away it seemed the world’s sole sun has been stolen which made me live in darkness for some time now. With the infinite hope that revolves around the earth I hope beyond hope to see the sun once more.
  • Hearts become broken only when they are loved, if you really want to break my heart further into fragments why don’t you try loving me for the second time around.
  • Do you want to challenge our Lord savior’s second coming? Why don’t you come here now to win the challenge, and save me from the hellish situation I’m in.

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