Naughty Flirty Messages

Naughty flirty messages are the text messages that are written in a notorious tone to flirt around with someone.

Such messages are created and sent mischievously to impress or flirt with friends, lover, or any other person.

Sample Naughty Flirty Messages

  • If you fear playing Holi with others, don’t worry! Take a bucket of water and pour it on me. I won’t mind.
  • [blockquote]I don’t think you are a “mum” . I am not a “dad” too. Let us help each other in this regard.[/blockquote]
  • Let me teach you maths! Add me, subtract shyness, divide yourself and multiply with me. Won’t it be a great fun together?
  • [blockquote]Oh damn! I think I am choking. Can u help me with a quick mouth to mouth?[/blockquote]
  • Can I know the time? No, not the time by your clock! The time when you can come and meet me.
  • I think your face is quiet familiar to me. Don’t you? Well not your mistake, you actually look like my upcoming girlfriend.
  • I know your schedule that you are busy today. But I won’t mind if you add “me” in your to-do list! It would be fun dear.
  • Are you okay with this distant flirting or do I have to come closer to you?

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