Romantic Flirt love Messages

Romantic flirt love messages can be sent to someone whom you want to express your love but in a light hearted way, with an element of flirtatious feeling. The messages can be sent as text messages or as tags on sweet little gifts you send to your loved one. You can even surprise your sweetheart by saying these messages over the phone or in person. Read on to get some wonderful ideas on messages of flirty love.

Sample Romantic flirt love messages

  • The sun forgot to shine when you were not here. Hello sunshine once again! I missed you the last two days.
  • Tell me quickly which way you are headed. I have to make my travel plans to match my destination to yours.
  • Come let us take a walk. I love to see people look at you as you walk and I love it more when I see the jealousy in their eyes as they see me walking beside you.
  • I wanted to send something cute and cuddly to you for your gift, but the postman made me get out of the post box. So accept this teddy.
  • Excuse me, I have lost my heart. Can you please check in your bag or your pocket?
  • I just saw a shooting star and looked down to see you sitting across me. Did not believe in wishes granted by shooting stars till I saw you smiling at me.
  • I desperately need a GPS system downloaded on my phone. I am always losing my way when you are around.
  • If you were a booger, I would have picked you first.
  • Did it hurt when you fell from the heaven? You are the angel I met last night at the party right?
  • If this moment was the last one I could live, I would wish to spend it with you.
  • It rained here last evening. Were you missing me too?
  • You are my axis and I am centred round you.
  • My love for you has only grown since I saw you and now I feel I will burst at the seams and it still keeps growing.
  • Wish each year was a leap year. I would have had one more day to spend with you each year then.
  • Your smile lights up my life like a 1000 watt neon light.
  • I could have won the longest marathon in a desert provided you were there to give me glucose at every point.

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