SMS Flirt Messages

SMS flirt messages are messages sent with the intention of harmless and light flirting. They should be witty and not too obvious. They must be framed in a manner so as not to be offensive at all.

SMS flirt messages are quite popular hence there is a danger of them being clichéd and recycled.

Sample SMS Flirt Messages:

  • [blockquote]Hey there! You seem so familiar to me. I am sure I must have met you somewhere. Or else it is probably because you keep recurring in my dreams.[/blockquote]
  • People say flirting is a bad thing. However recent researches have shown that a little bit of flirting is actually good for health. I have been feeling a little low lately. Can u help cure my doldrums?
  • [blockquote]You are the reason I cannot concentrate on my work anymore. As compensation, is it not fair that you oblige me with a coffee date?[/blockquote]
  • You do not know how lucky you are that you day starts with my messages. The least you can do is accept my request for a date.
  • A little flirting never did anyone any harm. So this SMS to you. I openly declare I am flirting and I believe that my honesty will be rewarded with your attention.
  • I do not believe in cheesy opening lines, or circumlocutions. I am what I am and right now I am a man trying my utmost to flirt with you.
  • You know who I am. You know why I have sent this SMS. Now all you need to know is the time and place for our first date.

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