Forgiveness Greeting Messages

Forgiveness messages are sent when a person feels sorry and wish to apologise for his/her mistake.

These types of messages can be sent through card, sms, letters or any other manner and when these messages are card as greetings they are known as forgiveness greeting messages.

Sample Forgiveness Greeting Messages

  • [blockquote]This greeting is coming all the way from my heart to cheer up the most beautiful person in this world. I am really sorry and hope that you will forgive me.[/blockquote]
  • Since I did not had the guts to face you after what all I did yesterday so I am sending this greeting to ask for your forgiveness. I am really sorry.
  • I know a kind hearted person like you will surely give me another chance to prove myself by forgiving me. I am sorry.
  • [blockquote]I know saying sorry would not be enough for my acts, but I am ready to face any punishment you give me, but please forgive me.[/blockquote]
  • People like you are blessings in life and I cannot let you go by any chance. I am extremely sorry and asking for your forgiveness. Please do not go.
  • I know my one silly mistake has ruined everything but I really did not mean it. Please forgive me and I am sorry for all that happened.
  • This sorry is not just a 5 letter word but my heartfelt emotions. Please forgive me.
  • [blockquote]You have all the reasons to be angry with me, but I will not leave the hope and will keep sending you these sorry greetings till you forgive me.[/blockquote]
  • Your forgiveness means a lot for me as I have fallen down in my own eyes after what all I said to you. I am extremely sorry for it.
  • If you think that I am worth your friendship then please accept my sincere apologies and forgive me for my acts.
  • [blockquote]I do not know what to say and how to say but just wanted to let you know that I am felling terrible and sorry for my acts. Please forgive me.[/blockquote]
  • If you think I can be given another chance to prove myself, then please accept my heartfelt and sincere apologies for my mistake.
  • I cannot believe that I have hurt the most precious person in my life. I don’t know that what happened to me that I behaved in such a manner. Please forgive me.

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