Forgiveness Messages for Best Friends

Forgiveness messages are vital especially if a quarrel between you and your best friend has broke out, and of course we don’t want to lose the person whom we consider as brother or sister from another mother for we have invested so much time and secrets in them. Best friends are the ones who keep our gravest secrets for we know fully well that our secrets will remain unknown to anyone, defends us from those people who bullies our capabilities, and stands up for us if our name will be the talk of the gossipers.

Sample forgiveness message for best friends are offer here to let you say your sorry and so that the chances of your faults being forgiven would be high. The sample messages you find below are free to use for this article solely wishes to help you with expressing your regrets and the reasons why you would want to be best friends again and just drop the beef between you and your best friend. You may also use these messages as you guidelines if you would want to create your very own forgiveness messages, or use them and apply mild changes in the words and phrases used in these messages. It is important to take note the tone of the message should be honest and must never inspire guilt to the reader.

  • Hello, (name of your friend), I have been greatly troubled by the unfamiliar silence between you and me due to the issue that had happened last week. As my best friend I know that I should support your choices but instead I chose not to. As a matter of fact, I still don’t support you about this reckless decision of yours because I know what the end results will be which would greatly contribute in the destruction of your future and, as your best friend, I would want to prevent that to happen for I don’t want to see your future filled with regrets. I am sorry if I don’t support this action of yours and may you learn to understand that I am only doing this for my best friend’s sake


  • Good day, (name of your friend), days have been really tough for me because I have never heard your laughter and jokes deserving of being stoned to death for almost a month now. Allow me to swallow my pride and tell you my sincerest apology through this message. honest to goodness I miss you a whole lot and it just feels like a part of me is lost and I realized this from the second I raised my tone on you. I, too, realized how pride brings no good at all for it only increases the chasm between you and I so I just swallowed it for I cannot afford to lose you forever. May you accept my apologies, my best friend.


  • The week has been filled with obscene silence when it used to be filled with your loud peal of laughter that I never knew I will be missing it until now. I just want to drop this beef between us before we destroy ourselves further and of course I don’t have the heart to break your heart and, too, do not like to see your heart broken at all. I want to express my apology through this letter for I just miss you so much and love you so much that I can’t seem to see the sun shining in the horizon because you are very distant to each other lately. I hope I will be forgiven by my best friend for you are the only person in the world whom I can’t afford to lose.


  • Hi, (name of your friend), there really comes a time where issues will be raised for these are matter of facts which are inevitable. As much as I want to forget the issue I just can’t do it by not saying my sorry to you first. I am sorry. I realized what a petty fight it is we put up in an argument which should not have been complicated by both of us. I know that I have crossed the line and I really felt embarrassed confronting you about the stupidity of my actions but it’s about time that we settle this beef once and for all so that we can go back into being best friends again and that our days may only be filled with happiness from judging people from afar.


  • Last night I was haunted with a question if losing you would be worth it. I thought about it over and over again and always come up with the same answer which is a no. No, it is never worth it to lose someone we call our best friends for they are there to shoulder us from the cumbersome life that we live. With you I can dare to smile my way out through hell. Please hear my apologies out for I never want to cut you off of my life. May this apology be strong enough to break the walls we have consciously built.


  • Good day, (name of your friend), I do not know what crossed my mind that I have betrayed your trust by voicing out your secret to my family when I assured you that I would never tell anyone all about it. I know that I have hurt you greatly with this action which is grave, but I really hope that I can still be forgiven and swear with all my life that I will never ever commit the same mistake ever again. May this message reach to the bottom of your heart and may you feel my regrets and sorrows I am currently feeling.


  • I am really shocked that someone like us will choose to set each other apart in silence due to the fight that we can’t seem to settle. As your best friend I really want to ask for forgiveness despite the difference of our choices and I do respect your choices but I just had to make  sure that this choice is a healthy one for you because I cannot afford to see you suffer greatly and be hard on yourself in the end. May you see the good in my action and realize that what I did is for your good. I am really sorry if I have hurt you in the coldest of forms. I understand if you can’t accept my forgiveness as of today and may take some time to heal the scars we carved into each others hearts, but I still look forward to the day we become best of friends again.


  • Days have passed but this petty fight that we’re confused about what started and what the gains are seem to not pass at all. I think it’s time for us to reconcile, so through this letter I will say my sorry to you. I can’t afford  to just dismiss you from my life just because of an insignificant childish fight we can’t seem to settle. I just miss you so much and I don’t want to spend another day wasted for you are not present on my side. I would be more than happy if you accept my apologies.


  • Things have really gone bitter and tears are shedding involuntarily on a daily basis. I want to admit that I am truly hurt of what has become of us. We are both acting like strangers possessing secrets of us that we only know. It breaks my heart every time I see casually speaking to me just for the sake of saying hi and pretending like everything is okay between us when we are a touch away from shattering. I am so sorry for I have hurt you deeply that turned you into something you are not. Please accept my apologies for I just want this friendship of ours to last for a lifetime for you alone have been the most honest and kindest of my friends. I pray to God that everything between you and I will turn out okay.


  • This quarrel of ours is like a fire finding its way to turn everything we built into ashes and that nothing will remain and what this silence of ours are doing is simply fueling the flames. It’s about time we water this fire for it pains me to see you hurting caused by me. I am truly sorry for what I have done to you. I know that what I did was not worthy of being forgiven at all but I still hope I will be forgiven. I no longer want to see you being hurt for you are my most favorite friend. With my heavy heart allow me to ease the pain that you are now feeling because of me and I promise I will do whatever I can just to restore what we had.


  • Good morning, (name of your friend), I asked myself last night about what is there to profit from a fight. There are never gains but merely losses and these losses are so much worthy that they can cast a rainbow for three lifetimes and as a smart man I would want to keep that with me until the end of this lifetime. I know that I can never change what I have started but I can start making up to my mistakes. The fist step would be saying my sorry, so I hope you accept this letter of mine as a form of apology. I swear to those who shelter in heaven to recover what was damaged even if you do not accept my apology at all. I know that the wreaked over our friendship is beyond a good man’s heart ability to forgive. I am aware that you will no longer trust anything to me for I have disappointed you and I understand that. I hope we can still be best friends.

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