Beautiful Friendship Messages

friends to share our sorrows and happiness. Sometimes there are things that we cannot share with our family and so we choose our friends to share with. Friendship message is the best way to share our feelings with our friends.

A life without a friend is lonely, insecure and full of emptiness. However, it’s full of hopes, happiness, inspiration and enthusiasm when we are with true, sincere and good friends.


Thanks a lot my dear friend  for coming into my heart and finding the best place to settle inside without actually hurting me in anyways and taking into consideration all my likings. You have always given me the utmost priority and made me the happiest person in this whole wide world.


God is there for you every second to guide you, love you and remember you, because I pray to God to take special care of my dear sweet friend.


A lover says to her partner that I will be there for you if you ever need anything, but a friend says that if I’ll be there you will never need anything.


My heart should beat if I need to live, to have that heartbeat I should have the heart. In order to have a heart I need to get full happiness in life, to gain that happiness I need a loving friend and as my friend I need you always!


True friends are hard to find in our lifetime but am really thankful to god for gifting me with such a precious and wonderful friend like you.

Friendship is a close bond between two individuals. We always look upon our

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