Emotional Friendship Messages

Emotional friendship messages are those messages which are emotional in nature and are written by a friend to another friend.

These messages are meant to be brief yet meaningful in nature and must reflect the deepest heartfelt feelings of the sender towards the receiver.

One must take care of the fact that emotional friendship messages must not be copied from any source. Given below are a few emotional friendship messages which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Emotional Friendship Messages

  • I grew up with you and today we live miles apart, if childhood has given me any good memories they are all with you. You have been my only best friend, Thank you for being there!
  • Choosing you as my friend was like a kind of divine depiction; from the day you entered my life it has not only become more beautiful but peaceful as well. Thank you for all the support and advices.
  • A friend like you is to be cherished for lifetime. Today is the day when we met each other 10 years ago and I still remember the very first instance how you helped me. Love you my friend!
  • A course of friendship has both sooth and rugged dunes; but the days I had spent with you in the hostel only had good and enjoyable memories. Even today you remember each and every thing about me and my life; yes you know me more than myself. Love you dear!
  • Today when I sit and recall the 5 long years of friendship, I feel myself so very lucky to know a person like you who can never think of anything ill or bad. I earnestly hope our friendship never ends and we stay connected forever.
  • You have supported me in all times and I promise you to stick by you forever. May god bless our friendship.
  • [blockquote]Life is hard at times. But don’t lose faith as I am with you in happy times as well as sad moments. I won’t let any harm reach you dear friend.[/blockquote]
  • Friends are meant to provide each other emotional support and you have proved to be a great friend  for me all throughout life. Thanks!
  • [blockquote]Whenever I needed someone to listen to my problems, you were there, whenever I needed to express myself, you were there. Thanks for all these times.[/blockquote]
  • Thanks dear friend for all the times you guided me to step on the right path.

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