Friendship Birthday Messages

A friend is the greatest asset that you will have in this whole world. You would always cherish and want to celebrate each and every moment that you have spent with him. However, distance makes expression of feelings little difficult. Friendship text messages are the best way of expressing true feelings to your friends. These friendship messages do not only carry your wishes but also shows your concern for your friend.

Happy birthday my dear friend! May you live long and our friendship continues as long as we live in this beautiful world.

Birthday greetings to my dear friend! Celebrate this day with all joy and happiness and may lord bless you with a longer and healthy life ahead

I just wanted to wish you happy birthday my dear friend. You were there for me always and I assure you that your dear friend would be always with you till the last breath.

Wishing you all the best wishes on this beautiful day1 Have a great day and enjoy yourself. Looking forward to celebrate with you many birthdays in the years to come

In this world of uncertainty, one thing you can be assured of, and that is our friendship my dear friend. Earthquakes may come, wars may happen, but our friendship would continue till the end of this world. Wishing you all joy and happiness on this beautiful day. May your life be full of joy and you be happy forever

Even if you are miles apart, the thought that you would remain as my friend forever is my greatest comfort. Birthday wishes my dear friend.

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