Friendship Greeting Card Messages

Friendship is the most important and most beautiful relationship possible between any two people. It is friendship which binds souls together for years. To express a heartfelt thought or feeling to a friend, the best way is to send across a greeting card message.

A friendship greeting card message is a type of a message which someone writes inside a greeting card to greet a friend. Such messages must not be too lengthy and should be kept precise. You can refer to the following given examples and samples if you wish to write one such message:

Sample Friendship Greeting Card Messages

  • Our friendship is the most special relationship that I have ever been a part of. You have taught me to be strong and you have taught me to be brave. I love you dear friend.
  • Our friendship is a special gift from god, one that I would never wish to part ways from. I hope we remain friends for life and spend our lives caring for one another.
  • I wonder what I would be if I didn’t have you as my friend.  I wonder how life would have turned if you weren’t there to guide me. Your friendship is valuable dear friend and I love you for life.
  • You are not just my friend but also my guide for life. You are a teacher who I trust completely to show me the right path in life. Without you, I would be incomplete. Our friendship is simply amazing.
  • We fight, we argue and we don’t speak to each other for days, But we also love, we care and we look out for each other always.  We may not be like brothers and sisters or parents or family,But we are two people who make each so happy. God bless our friendship.
  • There may be a golden ship and a ship made of silver.There may be a ship made of bronze and a metal ship,But there is no ship in the world like your friendship.
  • When two people come together and promise one another to be friends, the relationship which takes birth is called friendship. Your friendship is important to me and I promise never to leave you in life.
  • From the days when we wore diapers, to the days that we wear formal blazers, our friendship has survived. Lucky to have a friend like you.
  • My parents may be special, my siblings may be important but there is no one who can take place of my friend.

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