Friendship Love Quotes

There are many type of messages that are exchanged between the friends. Friendship love quotes are the thoughtful and the love filled quotes that are sent to your friends to let them know that they are valued. These messages are sent to express the profound love you have for your friends.

Sample Friendship Love Quotes

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]Friendship is a love bond that is signed by two or more people of common differences, agreeing to stay with each other, no matter what.  May you all be greeted with such a beautiful relationship.[/notice]

  • Friendship guarantees the other person that you will be there for him or her in every situation that is yet to come. It is the bond of love that mixes moments of sadness and fun.
  • I am so fond of this friendship that I have with you. It is so different from all the relationships that I pursue. It is the bond made with true promise and love, this friendship is surely a blessing sent from above.
  • I feel so blessed that our friendship is shaped with a mutual understanding. It is because of your lovely presence that this bond is showered with eternal happiness and diving blessings. Dear friend, with you by my side, I get a happy feeling. Thanks for everything.
  • Friendship to me is a love link up wherein you promise to stay with your friends in every odd of their lives.

[blockquote]I feel so lucky and blessed to have found a real friend like you. I have got to know the true meaning of love since the day I have met you. Our bond is all about madness, happiness and joys; I promise that I will be there with you in every walk of this life. I love you dearest friend.[/blockquote]

  • I wish I was as nice as you are. Dearest friend, I am so fond of this friendship that I cannot think of staying far. I love you for everything that you have done, I love to spend time with you and I am missing our moments of joys and fun. I love you friend.
  • True friendship lasts till eternity. It is a promise made my two or more people saying that they will be there for each other in all the happiness or in any difficulty. Friendship is all about happiness around, real friend are the rarest to be found.

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