Friendship Messages for Almost Relationships

Allowing ourselves to befriend those friend of ours who were so close to becoming as lovers may be painful but only time justifies this situation helping you realize that it is better this way and slowly you’ll begin to accept and be happy about the way things are. Here are sample messages to help you with composing a friendship message to those people for international friendship day is just around the corner and what better to prepare your courage than composing one of these messages.

The friendship messages you find bellow will help you deliver a message you have been dying to tell the special person which broke your heart with an almost relationship. The tone should be friendly without sounding regretful at all for you not fall again in the loops of almost relationships. With the help of this message, you will be able to move on fast and, thus, accept the existence of a love that can never be.

  • Good day, Fred, how are you doing so far? We have been distant for quite a while now and I wish I could ┬áreach out to you so I may help you if you are in dire need of help. I am aware of the drawn lines now, but this doesn’t mean that we can still stay as friends. There is just so much happiness to lose if we decide to cut contacts and surely I don’t want to miss the frequent fun night outs, especially if you are around. Hoping you have a good life and may this friendship of ours be carved in the heart of Time.
  • Hello, dearest friend, happy international friendship day. I hope you are doing just fine like the times when we used to be so close together. I care deeply about you and would be disappointed if you do not take care of yourself. Let’s meet tonight with the rest of our friends in celebration of friendship day over bottle of liquors and cigars.
  • Good morning, Sylvia, I hope you’re available this afternoon for I am so excited to celebrate friendship day with you. I have been imagining the movies, smell of pop corns, and the scent of your cologne. Get ready for we have to announce the unique friendship we have to the whole universe. By the way, I would be in awe if you wear the red dress which was personally delivered by me an hour ago. Open your door now before someone takes it away.
  • To the best-est best friend one could ever wish for, Happy Friendship day! let this day be a day filled with a friend’s love and nothing more. I can never pay you enough with gratitude for accepting me as your friend despite the flaws I posses. I love you so much and my hopes for you are solely the best in everything.
  • Hey, I thought I’d drop you a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. Come down stairs and I know fully well you don’t want to face anyone without a cup of coffee which made me bought you one. I would like to thank you so much for being there in times when I needed anyone to talk to about my problems and for making me special when I don’t feel like one. My gift for our friendship for today comes in a cup of coffee and I hope you’ll be happy for it.
  • The grounds of our friendship is just so special that no force dares to scathe its bondage. I really like it when I spend a day with you for it just makes me giggle with anticipation. I am truly grateful for your caring actions because I have learned to take care of myself. May this friendship of ours not be forgotten in the sands of time. Celebrate friendship day with me so I may make your day better as well and so that I can look after your reckless actions.
  • Things have gone so much better since the day you cast a look in my way and told me I look gorgeous in my sweatpants. Honest to goodness, I restrained my hands from slapping you but I heard the sincerity in it which disarmed me, but I giggled anyway. From the day going onward I have been the happiest each time we go explore the wilderness. Let’s raise a toast of beer to our friendship and more adventures.
  • You know, Jenny, I have always been the greatest admirer of the products of your thoughts and how graceful and patient you are with them. I am so glad to the friendship we have declared for five years now and I would never wish for someone to simply take it for this special friendship of our is my talisman which helps me calm my nerves in times of anxiety. I pay you my most humble gratitude for being friends with even though I get in your nerves most of the time.
  • I could have died from the thirst of friend’s love if you have not come along. You are the reason why I believe in destiny for you suddenly came into my life when I needed love the most and you were there to show it in the form of friendship. I am trying my best to grant you happiness as you have granted me that already. I really want to be with you even in the age where we are now married… with different partners.
  • We have been very close since we were children and I came to realize that I have loved you the most for being my best friend. I have enjoyed the roller coaster ride of my life for you were there sitting beside me. I hope you have enjoyed my companion as I have enjoyed yours because there is nothing more important to me now than seeing you happy even if I am not the reason of it. Happy friendship and may you live a life filled with bliss.

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