Friendship Messages for Lovers

Friendship messages are not only limited to our circle of friends, in fact these messages can be sent to your partner because in a relationship there is always a friendship that builds through time even though this goes unnoticed by most. If you think that you are best friends with your lover then you might want to send a friendship message besides a love letter for this could serve as an assurance that a relationship can really last long knowing that the friendship in your relationship is a way of fortifying it.

This articles offers sample friendship messages for lovers to help you out with composing your very own, or you can use any of the messages you find below to dedicate to your lover since these messages are for free. Changes may be applied especially if the cited circumstances greatly differs from yours. The changes you would want to apply is not limited to the latter, in fact you can change the words, phrases, and even the sentences. If you wish to compose your own, then use these messages as your guideline for your composition to be effective in delivering the impact you would want your partner to feel. The tone of the message should be humorous, sincere, affectionate, and a little romantic since we are highlighting the friendship in your relationship. You can write this message in a form of letter, printed or handwritten, or you can send it via sms text messages or  through the social media that you are both connected.

  • If ever God is real and my life here on earth would come to an end and he would ask me how my life was here, I would tell him with candor how honorable living my life was and that every people is deserving to live that kind of life for I am the happiest now because I get to experience being in love with a dearest friend and being loved by her in return. I am extremely grateful to the designer of fate that I would do anything and conquer rough tides just to be with my lover, who is also my friend, in this lifetime. I love you as a friend and, most of all, as a lover.


  • Dearest friend and lover, how fortunate am I to find a person who is as lovable as you pushing me to the realization that I am, indeed, capable of loving. Not only that you make me feel what I think is  beyond my worth yet you always convince me how I am every bit of worth. I am so sorry if I choose not to hear the sincerity in your voice, as a matter of fact I do hear it but I fear that maybe one day you’ll just leave me and forget about this friendship and romance. You have always told me that you will stay and I have to admit that I believe you. I believe you and it hurts at first because I know that I am so committed to you and I have this phobia of an unpleasant future, yet you put my mind and heart at ease. You have pushed me into a realization that perhaps I am not only capable of loving, that I, too, am capable of being loved.


  • Being in love with your best friend assures you that the life we are going to live is going to be a fun one despite the unpredictable future that lies ahead of us, anyway we don’t really have time to worry about it because we are going to laugh about it in the future of our unpleasant future. Never ask me if I am fine because you know I am when you are around and mine alone to share with. I do not question my worth in this friendship and relationship for I know that we are both worthy of being together, and worth the envy of this jealous world. This special friendship of ours needs to be carved in the sheets of history books so that all those who live longer than us or are born after our demise will know that it takes love and friendship for them to live a fulfilling life.


  • To put this friendship and relationship of ours into comparison with flowers, beyond the shadows of the shadows of doubt, it will be forget me not. I know that I am so special and that you are, too, or let’s just say that you are special to me because you think you are. I know that you can’t imagine a life without me because I am the one who gives purpose to your wretch of a life and lifestyle. I hope you stay true and loyal to this special relationship of ours because I am true and loyal to you. There is nothing for you to worry about because I will always be there to watch you infuriated with life and that, laughing miserably before offering a helping hand. Good luck because you have a lifetime to spend with me.


  • I still can remember the day where my eyes would lit up in the mention of your name in our class and you would awkwardly acknowledge those who called you. I told myself that I will become friends with you because it takes your existence for me to feel this happy. But the world was more than generous to me. The world made you more than just a friend to me. As both your lover and friend I feel like this joy is just too massive for me to contain it but then again I am scared of ding because that means I will no longer be with you. Time maybe a fool for thinking that the moments created in the past will lose its value as its as every minute ticks. Well, the first sentence proves that latter wrong, in fact the memory of my first glance of you is still fresh. That will be kept as my fondest memory of a friend and lover.


  • To think that someone like you has found someone so good looking, a beauty compared to those of the gods, who has invested the whole of his existence to you is just a subject for contempt. I pity the poor guy. Oh, wait I’m that guy. Well consider yourself lucky for having a guy such as me and as much as possible show me how much you love me every night by giving me some space in the bed instead of leaving me barely with a minimal space. I need some sleep to like you do and because you are head over heels in love with me you should at least give me that for this relationship to work out, which I know you would want to work out. I am a man of assets and, too, am your friend so give my personal space in bed at least.


  • I always thought that making your lover as a friend is something that is extremely awkward, but you prove me wrong. There was really a time that I was encumbered by the backlash of my regretful deeds and needed a friend to talk about it instead of a lover. I don’t know why I would rather talk it over with a friend than a lover but you forced me to tell you all about my problems and I did. I never knew that you are a great friend or I must have been blinded in the past that you, too, are a very  good friend. I thank you so much for all the sacrifices that you have done for me just to make this relationship work, I have to admit that becoming your friend and your lover makes me suppose that we have a greater chance in working out because we are too comfortable with our habits that others find really irritating or bizarre. But if ever things won’t go out as planned then I am fine with being just friends with you, although not as fine as we are as lovers and friends. I love you so much, dearest.


  • Good morning, friend and lover, I hope you will be experiencing a bad day, but not very bad, before we meet so that there is something for me to fix and that my dream of becoming a superhero will come true. I will be meeting one of our friends first as a celebration for friendship day and you will be the last one that I am going to attend to because you are my most special friend that the spot is solely yours and no one is worthy enough for that spot but you alone. There is no need for me to tell you dress yourself to the tens since you are always dressed best I will be uploading a picture of us after our dinner so that my friends will be envious that I finally got a date and it’s with my best friend and lover. I love you so much.


  • Waking up to the boy you adore so much in this world, who happens to be your best of friend, is the kind of breakfast that makes my heart full. I am so thankful for making me your best friend. I really thought that being someone’s best friend is the best feeling in the world, but you made me both your best friend and your lover. This is something that I strive to live for each day. For all the troubles that we have been through together, and the stages of hell that we underwent has made this relationship of ours stronger when others thought that all of those are good enough enough reason for us to betray our friendship and love one another lesser than the current. We had proven them all wrong and it makes me feel good that their pessimistic attitude has experienced a sharp shift from observing our situation. You have unconsciously taught me that love always endures even if others wish to put a halt in it.


  • I want to greet you a happy anniversary for our friendship, dearest lover. I know this sounds crazy because you are more than just a friend to me, but I really want to celebrate our friendship since this friendship of ours has led us to this crazy relationship. I’ll set up a dinner for two in a fancy restaurant for the two of us and announce everyone present in the restaurant that we are celebrating the anniversary of  our friendship. Others will laugh in derision and others will joy in the mention of it. Either ways I am certain that you are lovely, and that I don’t really care about the reaction of others and just mentioned them for the sake of it. You are and will be the loveliest friend in this whole world and no one gets to live long if they try to change that.

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