Friendship Messages for Whatsapp

Friends are the spice of life and add jest to it and therefore sending messages to friends is fun and a way to let them know how much they mean to you. Friendship messages on Watsapp should be short but meaningful and you may include a cute picture to accentuate your words. The message should convey your feelings in a simple way without beating around the bush. Read on to find some lovely messages you can send to your friends on Whatsapp and bring smile to their faces

Sample Friendship Messages for Whatsapp

  • True friends do not need to keep in constant touch. They pick up from where they left off each time, every time.
  • Friends are like a bunch of flowers. Each one brings a special colour and fragrance to the bouquet of life.
  • A true friend will love you and accept you in spite of, not because of.
  • Friends never judge you, nor do they condemn you. They only come to you when you need them and bring happiness and laughter when you desire it the most.
  • Friendship is the only relationship which expects nothing in return.
  • Friends are the spice that add a distinct taste to life and make you crave for more.
  • Never ignore friends cause they will be the ones who will love you for who you are without being judgemental, they will laugh with you just because it is fun without expecting anything in return, they will help you face the demons when they are all out to get you and fight with them for you too.
  • Friends will fight with you over the last butt of the cigarette, they will haggle with you about who will pay the bill in the pizza shop, they will try to stop you from going on a date and make you sit with them instead. In the end, it is friends who will make it seem worthwhile to fight for all these things.
  • All said and done friends can make life tough for you by encroaching on the time you spend at work or with your family, as long as it doesn’t deal you a blow. Then the true friends will be your lighthouse, your banker as well as your relationship counsellor.
  • True friends can brighten the darkest of the days and the gloomiest of the moods. Never take friends for granted and always find time for them.

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