Friendship Mobile Messages

Friendship mobile messages help in revealing the real meaning of what friendship is in a poetic style. These messages are summary of your thoughts on your friend. By sending a friendship message you can make him understand how much special he and his friendship is to you. A message through mobile can do what at times your voice cannot do.

We get to have many friends in life but not all of them become special, only very few can reach up to heart but you did that…


We never realize how special others are to us in our life when we are with them, but at times they need to leave us and go, only then we come to know how special they were to us.


It’s very difficult to find a true and sincere friend in this cruel world, so better give me the importance or else you will lose me!


When we are blessed with everything in life, we feel sometimes that we don’t need anyone but there will come a time in life when there is nobody for us, so don’t let friends go away


When you feel lonely or depressed in life, don’t wait for me to come to you, you are always welcome to come to me at any time as incoming calls are free for me, my dear friend.


You want to know something, I like you very much, you know why? Because you are the best of the best and you know what is the reason for it? In all ways you make me feels special from the very time we became friends.

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