Friendship Proposal Messages

Friendship proposal messages are the messages that are sent to a person to propose him for friendship or for any other mutual bond.

Such messages are also exchanged amongst the friends to offer them or recommend them for something during the course of their friendship.

Sample Friendship Proposal Messages

  • I don’t want to propose you to be my friend. I am just ordering you that you have to be my friend.
  • May I call the most beautiful girl of this world as my friend?
  • I think your life really needs an entertainment package. Make an agreement with me and sign me as your friend?
  • I want a friend with whom I can share my deepest secrets. I think, you will be a best person to be called as a friend, without any regrets. So can I be your friend?
  • I think you need a friend who can understand? Why are you searching for someone else when I am ready to be with you till the very end? Can we be good friends?
  • I think we should be friends with each other because I can no longer stay as strangers. Please be friends with me?
  • May I have this opportunity to call you as my friend? May I proudly confess to the world that you will stand with me till the end? I just want to hear a yes from you, dearest friend!
  • Your one yes will give me the best gift of my life. Please be friends with me?
  • Friendship proposals are way too old! Can I order you to be my friend?
  • [blockquote]I promise! Just agree for a drink together and we will be friends forever. Should I consider a yes?[/blockquote]
  • Hey I am an innocent thief, be my friend or do I have to steal you?
  • Can you be my friend for a night? After that you would be free to live or leave at your choice.
  • [blockquote]I think I will fit right in your friend’s list. People keep on bragging about this fact.[/blockquote]
  • Can I have an opportunity to be friends with a most beautiful lady out there in public?
  • Hey, my heart is filled and I want someone to share. Say? Well, I just share with my friends; can I consider you to be one?
  • [blockquote]Don’t you think your life is so boring without me? Give me an opportunity to entertain you once; can we be friends, hence?[/blockquote]


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