Friendship Question Messages

A person who is in a bond of friendship is allowed to question his friend regarding a particular thing. This can be done by sending message to your friend asking him the desired question.

Such messages are called as friendship question messages. These messages are written in an interrogative way to question a friend regarding a particular query.

Sample Friendship Question Messages

  • May I ask you a question about our friendship? I wanted to know the time till when you will be mine?
  • [blockquote]Since we share the purest bond of friendship, May I take this opportunity to interrogate you how is your life?[/blockquote]
  • Before we enter in to each other worlds by being friends, can you please tell me what does friendship mean to you?
  • If I and you were not friends, do you imagine us holding each other’s hands?
  • [blockquote]Your friendship to me is a beautiful journey of simultaneous questions and answers. I question, you answer and you question I answer. I just enjoy this spirit of being together.[/blockquote]
  • [blockquote]Till when will you be mine? I always wanted to ask you this question during our friendship’s beautiful time.[/blockquote]
  • Do I have a right to ask you questions regarding our friendship? If yes, we are friends forever.

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