Friendship Quotes for Co-Workers

There can be variety of messages and quotes that you can send and exchanged with your co-workers. One such type of quotes is the friendship quotes for co-workers that are sent in a friendly manner to tell your co-worker that he is valued and respected. These quotes can be framed both formally and informally to stress of the bond of friendship that you have with him or her.

Sample Friendship Quotes For co-workers

  • The friendship that I have with you is not like a project or a play. It surely does not start in the month of March and end on May. It is not merely a word to say, it was meant to last yesterday, today, tomorrow and will last always. I value your friendship dearest co-worker.

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]One day, moon said to me that if your friend is too busy with this office works and he doesn’t have time to message you, why don’t you leave him? I looked at the moon and questioned him- Did sky ever leave you when you forgot to shine? You are my dearest friend and a co-worker, I value you.[/notice]

  • Sometimes, age appears to be the best thing in building friendship. You are not just a co-worker to me but with you I share the beautiful bond of this relationship. I value your esteemed guidance and motivations during the work, thanks for being there.
  • Dearest co-worker, the main job of each one of us in this office is to be best to ourselves and to each other. Not just a co-worker, in you I have found a perfect friend and a true mentor. You are deeply valued dearest friend.
  • It is the wisest mind that still searches for the ways to learn and explore. Having such a knowledgeable co-worker by my side is a feeling so pure. I consider you to be a friend for the lifetime, thanks for encouraging me all this time.
  • I value this relationship that I have with you since the day you told me that the best way to appreciate our job is to imagine ourselves without it. You are a dearest friend and a co-worker without whom this office would appear to be incomplete.

[blockquote]It is because of an amazing co-worker like you that I have managed to submit the projects with success all through. You are a great friend and I will always remain true to you. [/blockquote]

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