Friendship Quotes for Her

Friendship quotes for her are the thoughtful quotes that are sent by the sender to a female reader, to express the bond of friendship that he or she has for her. These quotes must be framed beautifully so that the real purpose behind sending the friendship quotes reaches to her. These quotes can be sent through SMS, greetings or other means. Below given are some samples of these quotes for your reference.

Sample Friendship Quotes For Her

  • Dearest friend, never think that you are alone. I will be at your side in one minute, the moment you will give me a call from your phone. I love you dearest friend, I promise to be there with you in every rise and every bend.

[blockquote] Dear friend, I have got to know you so deeply that I enjoy every moment with you merrily. You have actually filled my life with positivity, I am sure that this bond of friendship will last till eternity.[/blockquote]

  • Dearest friend, I feel so lucky to have such a caring, adorable and a loving girl at my side. The friendship that I have built with you is to last for the lifetime. Thanks for blessing me with the moments to shine; I keep on thinking about you all the time. I love you friend.
  • Dearest friend, when you are there at my side, I have an assurance that nothing can go wrong. This friendship is my favourite bond. I promise that I will always be there to lend you a helping hand, dearest friend; with you I have always felt so happy and glad.
  • A friend like you is like an angel in someone’s life. I do not understand how you can be so sweet all the time. You are the sole reasons for filling my life with happiness and chime, dearest friend, I think about you all the while.
  • A friend like you is a rarest gem, this friendship that I have with you has a special name. With you, I feel on the top of the world, dearest friend, to me you are my angel. Thanks for always being there.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]When nobody was there, you came to me and always stayed so near. You are a friend who defines the true meaning of this friendship; it is from you that I have learnt the beautiful aspects of this relationship. I love you friend. [/notice]

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