Friendship Quotes for Him

There are variety of messages, quotes and greeting messages that can be exchanged between friends, relatives and dear ones. Friendship quotes for him are the quotes that are sent to your male friends in order to tell them that they are important and are being valued. These quotes are framed in a manner to highlight the importance of friendship to your male friend and are sent with the utmost feelings of love and emotions.

Sample friendship quotes for him

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]In you I have found a perfect friend. I would like to thank you for being there at my side in every rise and every bend. I value this bond of friendship where we both are there for each other to understand. I love you dearest friend.[/notice]

  • You are an only friend who was there to lend me a shoulder when I needed. You are a friend who defines the true meaning of the quote saying – “A friend in need is a friend in deed”. I value your friendship the most in my life; I can rely on you in every phase of my life.
  • Dearest friend, I trust you to an extent that I can believe on you with my close eyes. I am so fond of this friendship that I want to pursue it all through my life.  I wish to thank you for being there whenever I needed you, I really love you.
  • You have always acted like a true friend whenever I was in trouble. You have never missed a chance to make me feel special. Dear friend, nobody can replace you, I wish to sustain this friendship all through.
  • Having such a caring and loving friend at my side is a moment of happiness. Dearest friend, I keep on thinking about our friendship and its truthfulness. I am grateful to have met a person like you in my life, dearest friend; I will give you endless reasons to stay happy and high.

[blockquote]You were always there when I needed you. Friends like you are the rarest gems and are so few. I want to fill this bond of friendship with the colours so new, I really value you.[/blockquote]

  • You have been my only friend who was always there to understand. This bond of friendship is the most important relationship. With your presence around, I always had happy reason to found. I love you friend.

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