Friendship Related Messages

Messages are exchanged amongst friends to tell them their importance to each other, to guide them through various phases of life, to chat regarding an issue or for any such desirable purpose. Such messages are called as friendship related messages.

These messages may also be sent on a friendship’s day to greet a friend.

Sample Friendship Related Messages

  • [blockquote]Friendship is a beautiful bond in which the other person understands the unspoken words of his friends. May you be blessed with such a friendship bond in your life.[/blockquote]
  • The most special thing GOD has ever introduced is a bond of friendship. In spite of all those silly talks and all the small fights, we always value the friend that stand with us and hug us tight.
  • [blockquote]If you have experienced what it is to be a friend of someone, you have surely experienced the best feeling in this world.[/blockquote] 
  • [blockquote]Friendship gives us right to fight, to speak, to hurt, to love, to encourage and to understand. It is a mixture of feelings of joy and sadness.[/blockquote]
  • No union is stronger than a union of two friends. Hearts may be broken, tears may fall but the bond of friendship is always valued above all.

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